2018 Reading

December 2018

Mysteries from Baseball's Past edited by Angelo J. Louisa and David Cicotello

The Cooperstown Casebook by Jay Jaffe

A Student's Guide to the Study of History by John Lukacs

November 2018

Willard Mullin's Golden Age of Baseball : Drawings 1934-1972 by Willard Mullin, Hal Bock, and Michael Powers

September 2018

This Is How by Augusten Burroughs

July 2018

The Library : A Catalogue of Wonders (ARC) by Stuart Kells

June 2018

Gottland : Mostly True Stories from Half of Czechoslovakia by Mariusz Szczygieł

The Age of the Infovore : Succeeding in the Information Economy by Tyler Cowen

The Waste Books by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

May 2018

Middle Age by Christopher Hamilton

March 2018

Middle East Diary by Noel Coward

The Warriors : Reflections on Men in Battle by J. Glenn Gray