Welcome to the World of the Lap Pilot!

An Active Reading Machine for the 21st Century


The digital economy of the 21st century will bring with it both immense new benefits and challenging new stresses. Within a few decades, we can expect that every new creative work -- whether it be a book, an album, or a movie -- will be available to us instantly at the touch of a few buttons. On the other hand, we can also expect that this globalization of creativity will put new pressures on managers and professionals, who will now be competing with the world rather than merely with their local peers. [Ta95]

The Lap Pilot is designed to provide some of the benefits and relieve some of the stresses of this new digital age. This Web site is designed to answer the key questions that customers have, such as:


(To get the most common question out of the way immediately: No, we do not and never will have a "Lap Dancer" module available. So please stop e-mailing us about it.)

If you have any other questions, please e-mail us!