Columns from the
Ohio State Lantern


From November 1991 through November 1993, I was a weekly columnist for the student newspaper at Ohio State, the Lantern. In all, I wrote about 60 columns.

My experience with the Lantern was a highlight of my time in college, and I credit Lantern adviser Mary Carran Webster and editorial editors R.C. Conner, Mike Alwood, Bill Appel, and Chris Davey for their help and encouragement.

I also give a lot of credit to a poem engraved in Ohio State's Mortar Board Court that I read whenever I was feeling high and mighty about being a columnist. To write a column for the Lantern was to claim that I had a good reason for the attention of a potential audience of 70,000 people. I worked hard to not let those people down, and I hope I succeeded more often than I failed.


"Seeing America by Bus" (January 1992)

"The Incompetence of George Bush" (March 1992)

"Celebrating Independence Day" (July 1992)

"Take Off the Bow Tie, Gordon" (July 1992)

"The Channel 7 Follies"

Episode 1 (April 1992)
Episode 2 (July 1992)
Episode 3 (August 1992)
Episode 4 (November 1992)

"Would You Buy a Used Car From This Candidate?" (September 1992)